Tuesday, May 15, 2012

StopAndScrap.com Blog Hop Winners Announced! And Some Other Stuff Too!

Okay, here we go! For those of you who won, please contact the design team member blog that you were picked from. She will give you a gift certificate code. When you redeem your Gift Certificate from the store, make sure you put your code in the Gift Certificate section when you're checking out.

Congratulations to all of our blog hop winners and thank you so much for participating! We are all working very hard behind the scenes to bring in more product for you and new lines. Oh, that just reminded me that Summer CHA is only a few months away! It used to be a 6-hour drive. Now it's a cross country flight, but sometimes you just have to do it :)

Now to announce our winners! When you click on the link of the design team members, it will take you directly to their blog winner announcement.

Design Team Member                                      Blog Hop Winner

Audrey Tokach                                                       Lisa
Carolyn King                                                          Riti
Cindy Coutts                                                         Patty J.
Gloria Stengel                                                        Kathy/North Carolina
Laurel Seabrook                                                    Linda
Lea Lawson                                                           Karen
Monika Davis                                                         Natalie Houston
Savannah O'Gwynn                                               Bente
StopAndScrap.com Blog                                      Rose
Tammy Hershberger                                             Trisha
Tina Hale                                                                Tammy
Trudy Sjolander                                                      Jo

Congratulations ladies! Thank you so much for being such faithful customers and followers. We really appreciate it and hope to see your faces regularly.

Since the store owners, Larry and Maria (who are wonderful people by the way), have a primary focus of excellent customer service and shipping once pre-orders come in, I need to give them a hand and take some basic questions that you have off of their desk so they can get you your new pretties even faster. If there's anything that I can ever do for you, perhaps you have a video or technique request, go ahead and email me at cindy@stopandscrap.com. If it's a question that I can't answer, at the end of each day, I'll send the owners an email with those questions. They always get back to me within an hour or so, and I will personally email you as soon as I receive word. Keep in mind that the design team is a Monday-Friday operation, even though Larry and Maria are pretty much 24/7. Great product, great prices, great customer service, and great new products arriving daily make one great store for you!


MichelleB said...

Congratulations to the winners! Enjoy!

Rose said...

whohoo!! thanks so much :)
congrats to all the other winners!!!

Riti said...

Thank You Carolyn for picking me!!
I'm super excited...doing the Happy Dance !!