Wednesday, July 29, 2009

10% Off Sassafras CHA Summer 2009 New Releases!

All the new Sassafras Lass is now up for pre-order at 10% off! Here's a quick peek at the 3 new collections, but make sure you don't forget to check out the Summer 2009 Sassafras Felties and Embellishments category as well! CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM ALL!

Making Memories CHA Summer 2009 Pre-Orders - Coming This Week!!

All the Making Memories new releases will be up soon this week, and you may have noticed a pattern this season: the pre-orders will be 10% Off! Their holiday offerings are always among our best, and these look to be no exception. They also have some great new embellishment collections that you'll love as well - be sure to check back later this week to pre-order and keep a look out for our email announcement!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

10% Off Basic Grey New Releases!!

CHA Summer 2009 is here and so are the new Basic Grey releases - all at 10% off for pre-order! All 4 new collections have been released for pre-order today. We also have new Bling It Rhinestones, Stamps, Bling It On Rhinestone Rub-Ons and much more as well.

Monday, July 27, 2009

15% Off Graphic45 Pre-Orders

Today we'd like to introduce Graphic45, a new company that we've never carried before. We first discovered them at their amazing booth at CHA Winter this year, but we didn't get a chance to bring them in until this season. Their style is like nothing we've seen, and we really think you'll love them.We're offering 15% off pre-orders as an incentive for everybody to give them a try! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!

2 New Little Yellow Bicycle Collections - 10% Off Pre-Orders!

Today we have up two of this summer's new releases by Little Yellow Bicycle! The rest will be up shortly, but these two will be arriving in stock first so we wanted to be sure you had plenty of time to take advantage of our 10% Off Pre-Order Sale! CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

New Making Memories CHA Summer 2009 Sneak Peek!

Making Memories Mistletoe, coming soon for pre-order!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another Basic Grey CHA Sneak Peek!

Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses

Basic Grey released the 3rd name of their 4 new collections today. This one, of course, is a christmas-themed collection that looks great. The 4th name / sneak peek should be released tomorrow.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Basic Grey CHA Summer 2009 Sneak Peek!

Two of the new Basic Grey releases have been announced, and we're excited to share these sneak peeks with you:

Basic Grey Eerie

Basic Grey Indian Summer

Two more should be announced before the end of the weekend, so check back over the next 2 days! And if you haven't heard, we'll be having a huge Basic Grey release announcement at midnight on July 28th! All of the new products and images will be available to see and pre-order at that time. Check back here or visit the following page and bookmark it:

10% Off New Teresa Collins

Save 10% on the new releases by Teresa Collins when you order by 7/31/09! Both collections are in stock and shipping now. Each collection features an inexpensive bundle of 6 papers, a selection of stamps and some other goodies. Check them out below!

15% Off Dream Street New Releases

We'd like to introduce another new company that we are now featuring on StopAndScrap: Dream Street Papers! We're running a first-week only sale of 15% off everything by Dream Street, but be quick because the sale ends on 7/30/09! CLICK HERE to see them all!

Everything is in stock and shipping immediately.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Graphic45 CHA Summer 2009 Sneak Peek

We're pretty curious to see how this manufacturer does for us. We first saw Graphic45 at Winter CHA and really wanted to give them a try, but they didn't fit into the budget that time. This time we definitely want to give them a chance and see what you all think. Their style is very different from what we normally carry, but we definitely think they are interesting and unique (not to mention they had one of the best looking booths at Winter CHA):

Graphic45 DOMESTIC GODDESS Scrapbook Collection
Graphic45 RENAISSANCE FAIRE Scrapbook Collection
Graphic45 CHRISTMAS PAST Scrapbook Collection

Stay tuned to see when we have these available (very soon)!

Best Sneak Peek of the Day!

Hey everyone.. I have a great sneak peek for you today ;)

This is actually from about 3 months ago, but we don't have anything more recent. However, we should have a ton of pictures in about a month! Look at that pose - he's gonna be a pitcher!

Dream Street CHA Summer 2009 Sneak Peeks

For the first time ever, Dream Street Papers is coming VERY VERY soon to!

Making Memories CHA Summer 2009 Sneak Peek

Making Memories Spook Alley, coming soon for pre-order!

New Sassafras Lass CHA Summer 2009 Sneak Peeks!

We have sneaks from 3 new Sassafras Lass collections, all coming soon for pre-order. Check them out below, and click the links to see more at!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Bella Blvd CHA Summer 2009 Sneak Peeks!

These new releases by Bella Blvd are coming really soon for pre-order! We're pretty excited about them, and I know a lot of you are since we've received plenty of questions about them. They'll be up soon for pre-order so keep an eye out here for the announcement!
Bella Blvd CAMPED OUT Scrapbook Collection
Bella Blvd FLIRTY Scrapbook Collection
Bella Blvd PLASTINO Scrapbook Collection
Bella Blvd SUPER STUD Scrapbook Collection