Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Graphic45 CHA Summer 2009 Sneak Peek

We're pretty curious to see how this manufacturer does for us. We first saw Graphic45 at Winter CHA and really wanted to give them a try, but they didn't fit into the budget that time. This time we definitely want to give them a chance and see what you all think. Their style is very different from what we normally carry, but we definitely think they are interesting and unique (not to mention they had one of the best looking booths at Winter CHA):

Graphic45 DOMESTIC GODDESS Scrapbook Collection
Graphic45 RENAISSANCE FAIRE Scrapbook Collection
Graphic45 CHRISTMAS PAST Scrapbook Collection

Stay tuned to see when we have these available (very soon)!


NanaBeth said...

Looking really good to me! Hope they are excellent earners for you-they're gorgeous papers.

Sasha said...

I had the ability to see them in person hee hee and work with favorite line is Domestic Goddess .. I really think that will do good for you .. very easy to work with and blend ..

Best of Luck .. hugs