Monday, November 17, 2008

K&Company LOTUS - Now Shipping!

Good evening everyone! We've added yet another company and collection to our ever expanding list, this time the K&Company Lotus collection. Consisting of two different styles, "Faded China" and "Tea Box", the Lotus collection is an exciting new addition to Personally, I liked the images I saw online, but I was in no way prepared for the true quality of this collection. Some of these papers are just amazing - from extremely intricate die-cut papers to glitter and canvas sheets. They also spared no expense with the packaging, if that sort of thing matters to you. Here's one of the die-cut sheets I was referring to: It's hard to tell that it's not a solid sheet, but every spot of white between the designs on that sheet is actually empty space. This next sheet, while the image looks just like paper, is actually designed to look and feel like woven canvas: I haven't even mentioned the embellishments, which are really all phenomenal. If you like using fabric in your work, the fabric tags in this collection are truly the highest quality ones that we carry. The stamps are great, the chipboard and cardstock shapes are very nice and the three-dimensional floral grand adhesions feature up to 4 different levels of detail! I'm actually dying to see what some of you can do with this collection, so if anybody that purchases it would like to submit what they've done with it, I'd love to feature it on here. Anyway, enough gushing - check it out for yourself here!

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