Friday, November 7, 2008

Jenni Bowlin New Releases - In Stock!

We haven't even gotten to post this yet, and you guys have been all over it this week! Jenni Bowlin released a bunch of new products, and we just got it all (ok not all, but I'll explain in a minute) in stock. Probably the most popular item has been Jenni Bowlin's Bingo Cards, both Christmas and Valentine's versions:
In addition to those, we also have the mini versions of the bingo cards, as well as calendar cards in both 6x6 and 3x3 sizes. In addition, she's just released her new paper collection, Jenni Bowlin RED / BLACK. Here's the part I was referring to before: we do not have the paper bundles for Red/Black in stock yet, but they are on their way! We do, however, have in the Red/Black journaling cards and mini papers. Here are the new papers:

Check the following link for more information:

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