Friday, November 18, 2011

Please Help Us By Voting

What time would you like sales and new releases to debut?

We know everybody has very different schedules and time zones, and it's very difficult finding the best time for the most people. We used to do midnight releases, but settled on mornings lately. We're still not sure what's the best, so we decided to take a vote and see if there's a consensus. Please check the poll to the right under the header and let us know your preference. Thanks for helping!


BethW said...

The time zone variations make it impossible for anyone to pick the
right time.I would think noon would have the greatest chance of being workable for he most people.

Anonymous said...

Us working girls won't have a chance if there is a limited amount. Most of us work 8-4 with a 30-60 min commute to and from work. We would be out of pocket
till about 6pm.
If the morning votes wins just don't have a limited amount. Sad if it sells out in 6 or 9 hours and never even had a chance to order it.

Nicole Austin said...

i'm a night owl myself and i love midnight (pacific time) release times because it's the only time i have to myself (kids are all asleep!) 7am pacific time is kind of rough! (sorry, not a morning person!) :) midnight release would still give morning folks a chance, too, since not a lot of people are shopping in the wee hours of the night.

Nancy S said...

Midnight seems to work fine for me.

AnilĂș Magloire said...

Noon, so no one has to do anything crazy to get their goodies.