Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day Sale - 10% Off

Get 10% Off all IN STOCK orders (not valid on pre-orders) by using coupon code COLUMBUS! Sale ends tonight at midnight Pacific Time (10/13/09).

Start Shopping!


Anonymous said...

HI! I was just wondering if you might know anything more about the Oct Afternoon products? I know... it is a sore subject. Thanks!

StopAndScrap said...

We've received some of the new OA (they are the products that no longer say PRE-ORDER on them). Some of the other items are currently on their way, but we won't be sure exactly what they are until we receive them. All in all, OA has done a MUCH MUCH better job this season, and we hope to get everything by the end of the month :)

Anonymous said...

Good to hear! thanks :)