Friday, March 13, 2009

All New Chatterbox Releases - In Stock!

Chatterbox FABULOUS

Chatterbox FABULOUS Specialty

(also available in white and green)

Chatterbox DENIM Album
(also available in canvas and wood)

Chatterbox ALBUM STAND

We've been waiting for this release... all new items from Chatterbox! We have an entire new collection called FABULOUS, consisting of the two paper bundles you see above (the left one is cardstock, the right one is specialty paper - glitter, glossy, etc) and tons of embellishments. They've also released a bunch of new albums like the Artsy.licious Delightful book and Denim album you see above, and this great new vertical hanging album stand in antique bronze. They've also released a very fairly priced brad-maker which you see in the lower right picture - more information is available if you click that picture. Almost all of the items are in stock and shipping now, and the rest can be reserved/pre-ordered. Please click on any of the above images to see product from that specific category, or CLICK HERE to see the entire Chatterbox collection.

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