Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Technique Tuesday: Page Kits, New Stamps and free giveaway!

The new products just keep on rolling in! We have a ton of new Technique Tuesday Stamps, which we know you all love - 15 new stamps of varying price and size. But what we really want to share with you are the new Technique Tuesday Page Kits. For any of you out there who love the products we sell but are a little intimidated about how to actually use them.. or if you know somebody who is.. or if you just want the perfect gift for somebody who isn't a regular scrapper.. we have new Technique Tuesday Page Kits - which come with an assortment of Technique Tuesday products and full instructions on how to make the page you purchased. We know you are out there because our Basic Grey Page of the Month kits sold like crazy (and by the way, Basic Grey's March and April are going to be up VERY soon!). To further entice you to try out these new kits, anybody who purchases one will receive a limited edition collectible not-for-sale Technique Tuesday stamp. TT sends these stamps to us for use ONLY with giveaways, so this is what we will be doing with our first set of them. Of course, we only have a limited amount so there is only one per customer, no matter how many kits you buy - and the giveaway ends when we run out of stamps. We're showing two of the page kits above, but if you CLICK HERE you can purchase 5 different page kits and 1 card kit. We even have the new Ali Edwards Everyday Life, designed by Ali herself!

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