Tuesday, December 2, 2008

October Afternoon Update!!

According to October Afternoon the missing die-cuts are FINALLY in and the kits have finally shipped! Now we don't want to guarantee anything, as we've all learned, because these things have a tendency to be wrong. But they have said to us directly that everything is on it's way and should be arriving either this week or next week! We'll continue to update everybody here, but hopefully the next thing we have to tell you is that it's all shipping!


scrapandthecity said...

do you have any extras, non-pre orders coming with this order?

StopAndScrap said...

I won't know for sure until we see what exactly we get in and process all the pre-orders, but there should be some. We're also going to put up some single sheet bundles as a cheaper alternative to the kits, and these were not available for pre-order so there will definitely be some of them available :)